Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hammer House of Horror

Well this was interesting!

We went to Bray studios first, which is a short walk away from Oakley Court. This house which was built in 1859 is the original Hammer House of Horror. When Hammer used it, they were able to hire it cheaply because it was run down and there was rain pouring through the ceiling. It is now being used as a luxury hotel, although you can just go in there for a coffee, which is what we did.

This house featured in the Hammer House of Horror TV series, as well as many of their horror films, and also the Rocky Horror Picture Show where is was Frank-N-Furter's castle. When I went in a recognised many of the features in particular the iconic staircase and the ceiling where the lift comes down, from the Rocky Horror film. The gargoyles are also iconic, having appeared in opening credits for the 1970s TV series. It has been used for many other films including St Trinians.


  1. Ooo another SO gothic moment, Benjamin - what a fantastic place! I do remember the wonderful gargoyles. :-)

  2. Is that for real?Wow, the building is so magnificent. I wish I can go there one day.

  3. Frank N Furter's slow descent in the lift - surely one of the greatest entrances by any character in the movies.😉👍