Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Skipton Castle

I was recommended to visit Skipton Castle by a friend in Yorkshire, and I did so on my final day. I found it very strange as it's not an English Heritage property; the castle is still lived in however the family only inhabits a more modern house which adjoins it. The castle itself has a roof on all parts but is extemely ruinous and in places the ceiling is damp and one feels it might collapse! There are vast empty halls with nothing in, one of the creepiest rooms was the one where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner (photograph of window looking outwards)

The most impressive section of the castle is the courtyard with the yew tree which was planted many centuries ago, the coat of arms features a very impressive sculpture of a dragon. Skipton is full of notable and interesting features and deserves to be more well known (and better cared for!)

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