Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I arrived at Whitby Abbey in the late afternoon as the sun was going down, I didn't have time to visit the village. I would like to go on the Dracula Experience although I have heard mixed reviews.
After a very long drive I did not have time to walk the famous 199 steps either. These lead down from the abbey to the harbour and have featured in many Dracula films. In the book Dracula in the form of a dog runs up the steps after leaving the wrecked ship. This was not the largest abbey I have visited although it is a beautiful site and very eerie. It is said to be haunted by a nun who was bricked up in the dungeon or cellar.I am looking forward to seeing Whitby again soon as it is definitely a place I want to explore in more detail.
Whitby was also the setting of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel Sylvia's Lovers.


  1. It is the most fantastic place, isn't it? I LOVE Whitby. Have to spend a couple of weeks there every year. :-)