Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I went to see one of the world's most haunted places - the Catholic site of pilgrimage known as Lourdes. I arrived in the late afternoon on a rainy a day, but there were still thousands of pilgrims making there way to the holy cave. Before I went there I visited the church at Lourdes, filled my bottle with holy water and touched the stone in the cave. The stone felt very smooth to the touch either because of so many pilgrims polishing it smooth with their touch or because it's a kind of marble. I was very pleased to visit Lourdes as it seems to be the ultimate haunted place.
The film The Song of Bernadette featuring Vincent Price in one of his earliest roles is one of my favourite films so I knew some of the stories pertaining to this area. It was definitely worth a visit.


  1. Nice to see you blogging again! And expanding across the Narrow Sea too! Lourdes is on my list of places to go - the connection to the people from centuries past must be very strong there. :-)

  2. It is very commercial, but well worth seeing